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This is how 4shipping works in practice

Being a skipper you aim to operate as profitable as possible. You would like to optimize the use of the ship’s capacity and to transport as many as possible well-paid cargoes. 4shipping wil to help you realize this. It is easier than you can imagine. The only equipment you need is a computer or tablet and an internet connection.

  • You only need to enter yours general details once.
  • You start the chartering app and in 4shipping a complete summary of all offered cargoes that fit your vessel, including destination, type of cargo and loading/unloading time windows.
  • Do you see an attractive cargo? Then you make an offer. In such a way you decide on the price per ton you want to be paid. Note: your offer is completely confidential. Nobody can see what you offer and you cannot see what others offer. 4shipping only uses this information to automatically make the best match. This best match is presented to the shipper and he makes the final decision within 1 hour. You as best matched skipper will automatically be the preferred skipper during this 1 hour.
  • If a cargo is allocated to you, you immediately have all the necessary information and documents at your disposal, such as the Charter Party, which you can download in the app. Just sail!
  • You execute your order and with the app you can inform the shipper of your whereabouts.

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