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The functionality

The use of 4shipping is very simple. Every skipper can easily handle this smart chartering app. 4shipping contains a variety of functions. Read them and then watch the online demo. If you have – as a user –  further questions about 4shipping, you can consult our helpdesk.

  • Information on actual offers of cargo
    You can follow on realtime basis which transports are being offered. You do not need to call anyone. Any moment during the day or night you have a complete oversight in 4shipping and will be able to chose the most suitable cargo. Because you can filter transports – which will shortly be shown on a map – you can easily find cargoes in your area.
  • Fix the price yourself
    You decide yourself on the price you are prepared to transport a cargo. In this way you safeguard your margins!
  • To accept offers of cargo
    When you have successfully bid on a transport, you know it within a couple of hours after the bidding period is closed and you can start the voyage. You will automatically receive a confirmation by email.
  • Transporting for a dedicated shipper
    If you work for dedicated shippers, these cargoes will be exclusively offered to you and other dedicated skippers and not to the total inland waterway market.
  • Track record
    Curious to know what you have transported recently and at what rate? Then you may consult your track record in 4shipping. In such a way you can note trends and if necessary, make adjustments.
  • To bid simultaneously on multiple enquiries
    Obviously you would like to optimise your chances to start your next transport shortly after unloading. Therefore, in 4shipping you can bid on multiple cargoes and the app will understand that you can only execute one transport at the same time. On an accessible screen you can simply manage all your bids.
  • Share your status with the shipper and exchange messages
    In 4shipping you can publish the actual status of a transport. Convenient for your shipper! You also have a message function at your disposal, through which you can exchange messages with your shipper.

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