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The advantages of the unique chartering app of 4shipping

4shipping is going to assist you, as a skipper, to optimise your profitability. You will become, more than ever, an entrepreneur. Finally you have the tool available, which gives you direct access to the total market!

More to choose
You get faster and more supply of your regular and unknown shippers. As an entrepreneur, you now have oversight of the available transport by yourself. You have more influence on the price and can easily provide more service.

More convenience
You might be used to discussing transports by phone. But that is inefficient and time consuming. Why not just consult 4shipping and react instantly?

Less administration
It’s over with paperwork. Through 4shipping you exchange information and receive your Charter Parties. In future 4shipping will even be able to relieve you from more work, such as adding loading/unloading certificates and direct dispatch of your invoices.

Low costs
For the use of 4shipping you only pay a low commission on the final transport.

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