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How 4shipping works in practice

As a shipper, you have only one goal: to arrange for the transport of bulk, general cargo or containers in the most efficient way against the most favourable market price and with as little effort as possible. From now on your can completely manage that yourself! Finally there is an online agent, who matches demand and supply of transports. It works very simply:

  • You want a certain cargo to be transported by an inland waterway ship. By means of 4shipping you publish this transport, including required loading and unloading time windows and other requirements.
  • You choose whom you wish to offer your transport, so you hold optimal control.
  • You fix the period until when shippers can bid on your transports.
  • You select the skipper with the best offer.
  • Subsequently 4shipping creates the Charter Parties and makes these documents available for the respective skipper.
  • Through 4shipping you can follow the status of your cargo and you may exchange messages with the skipper.

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