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The chartering app 4shipping works very simple. Thanks to the smart functionality you can easily organize and manage your transports. The main functionalities are:

  • Offers to the inland waterway transport sector
    You publish your transports, so that these become visible for the skippers enabling them to submit their offers. It may concern bulk cargo, general cargo as well as containers. In your offer you can select the necessary specifications of the ship.
  • Oversight of the transports
    You always have an oversight of the transports; in such a way you can see the status of all your offers, but also of the ongoing transports.
  • Production of charter documents
    4shipping has all the information at its disposal of you, of the skipper executing the transport as well as of the cargo. On the basis of that information the chartering app fully automatically produces the charter documents needed. No worries about that. Through the app you share them with the skipper.
  • Track record
    Curious to know which cargoes you have offered? Curious to know the prices you paid per ton? 4shipping shows you a complete summary of the executed transports.
  • Offering cargoes to dedicated ships
    Do you cooperate with dedicated skippers? In that case you can offer your transport exclusively to them. Only they can bid on your cargoes. You also can arrange that, if a cargo cannot be transported by your dedicated skippers, this cargo offered to the total sector.

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