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The advantages of the unique chartering app 4shipping

With 4shipping you will be able to simplify the organizing of transports achieving more efficiency at the same time. You do not need to employ experienced charterers. Your employees, who now still communicate with the chartering agent, will from now on be able to organize the transports themselves easily. The advantages?

  • Substantially lower cost of transport
    From now on you will do direct business with the skippers. No margin will be lost to an intermediate party! That will lead to much more profit on a yearly basis. An additional advantage is that through 4shipping, you will always be able to find the skipper who is able to transport your cargo in the most efficient way (e.g. because he is in the neighbourhood of the loading spot). That will have its reflection on the transport costs. It is evident that in this way substantial savings can be achieved!
  • Less work
    4shipping eliminates much work from your hands. No longer do you need to make phone calls to arrange or manage a transport. You insert all information in 4shipping and the rest will be done by the chartering app, including producing the charter documents. If you want a connection of your company software, please let us know.
  • More autonomy
    At last you have complete control over the organisation and price formation of the transports. You can make your own choices, leading to more grip on the logistic chain, giving priority to your own interests (such as delivery time or reliability).
  • More inland waterway transport
    When being used to 4shipping, you will soon select inland waterway transport as your preferred way of transportation, because that can be quickly arranged. By doing this, you simultaneously select the most sustainable and cheapest way of transporting bigger cargoes.
  • Low chartering costs
    You will not pay variable fees or expensive commissions/brokerage for your transport services. The only fee you pay is a fixed, low, monthly amount for the use of 4shipping.
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