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  Question 1: I can not find the app in the App Store/Play Store.
Answer 1: This is correct. You have access to the app from your Internet browser from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone). Downloading is not necessary.
  Question 2: I can not log into the app.
Answer 2: go to “login” right to the top of this page. Then you first have to register via the blue button to get access to the app.
  Question 3: Is using the app free?
Answer 3: For the shipper, it is free to register, offering freight, make the trip final and the basic functions of the current transportation. For the skipper it is free to register, see the freight supply, make a bid and keep the shipper up to date during the transport. When the skipper is definitely on trip, a provision of 1% is charged from the total transport price for using the app.

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