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Let’s be ready for the future!

The world is changing rapidly. Is the inland waterway transport sector ready for the future?

You undoubtedly know how important the transport sector is, not only for our own country but also in the rest of the world. And that is the reason why it is so important that inland waterway transport is effective and takes optimal advantage of the online possibilities.

The passionate team of 4Shiipping would like to contribute toe the modernization of the inland waterway transport sector by making optimum use of modern technology. We see many opportunities to make the organization of transport easier and more effective. In the future we will also further develop the charteringapp and you will take the advantage of it. Together with you makes 4Shipping the inland waterway transport more future proof. If you have tips or ideas, we will be happy to talk to you!

4Shipping is the initiative of several entrepreneurs who know the sector well, including skipper son Jan Snoeij, founder of 4Shipping. For software development, there is an excellent cooperation with SWIS from Leiden, which was also founded by a skipper son.


We make the organization of transportation easy for everyone